Pharmaceutics: This Laboratory helps to provide the practical knowledge about manufacturing of various dosage forms and it is well equipped with disintegration test apparatus, Dissolution apparatus, Mechanical Sieve.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry: This laboratory helps in acclimatizing the student with the chemistry aspects of Pharmacy profession which helps them in their carrier as an analytical chemist.

Human Anatomy & Physiology And Pharmacology : This laboratory helps in acclimatizing the student with study of different parts of the body and study of action & effects of drugs. This laboratory is equipped with human skeleton model, various charts and models of brain, ear, human digestive system etc. This laboratory also includes Actophotometer, Histamine chamber and Student organ bath with Kymograph to study the effect of drugs on animals.

Pharmacognosy: This provides the knowledge about the drugs of natural origin, It is equipped with instruments like Soxhelet apparatus for the extraction of he active chemical constituents from crude drugs.

Bio-Visual aids like -Permanent slides, compound and dissecting microscopes, various T.S. charts of crude drugs etc.